Up in the Air

This weekend I watched the Oscar nominated film, "Up in the Air", starring the infamous George Clooney. Heralded as "The movie of the year. The movie of the moment", I would tend to agree.

In a refreshing, unconventional story, perpetuated by classic themes, the viewer witnesses issues of the day unfold on screen through the lives of relative characters. The setting reveals the present economic turmoil of America. George Clooney's character is responsible for coming into companies and firing employees---an all too common reality for the workforce of America. A bright, young woman enters Clooney's world with an idea to revolutionize the industry---an idea that threatens to destroy the lifestyle he has used to inadvertently escape all emotional connection with the world. A man who travels over 300 days out of the year doesn't have time for material possessions, lasting relationships, or any real emotions. He's a hit it and quite it kind of guy, until one woman comes into his life he doesn't want to leave behind like he would a used hotel towel. He keeps coming back for more, and not merely out of lust. Ultimately, her own charade destroys his perceived reality.

What makes this story compelling is the introspective view of loss, personal relationships, and drive to succeed---all timeless themes. I love Anna Kendrick's character. She is my age, a fresh college graduate, ready to change the world and step into the cookie-cutter life she has set up for herself. The only problem, life doesn't seem to go the way she had always planned. But as it often works out, she achieves more than she ever thought she could and ends up somewhere entirely different from what her 16-year-old mind once conjured. Each character goes through their own period of self discovery. Each experiences the destruction of imagined and actual realities. I think that is what I find most intriguing and endearing.

The ending is not necessarily happy, but as a viewer, you have closure. I would much rather have a realistic story void of a fluffy ending that leaves me satisfied than an unrealistic "happily ever after". I crave witty realism. And as the saying goes, this film has it in spades.

Favorite Quotes from the Film:

“I thought I’d be engaged by now. When I was 16 I thought that by 23 I’d be married, maybe have a kid, corner office by day, entertaining at night. I was supposed to be driving a Grand Cherokee by now. “

“Life’s better with company. Everybody needs a co-pilot.”

“You’re young; right now you see settling as failure.”

“It is by definition.”

“The time someone is right for you it won’t feel like settling.”

“What a weasley prick…”

“We all fall for the prick. Pricks are spontaneous; they’re unpredictable and they’re fun. And then we’re surprised when they turn out to be pricks.”

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