An Attempted Surprise...

There is a select percentage of individuals on this planet who can never be surprised. No matter how hard we little minions try, we can't fool the masters. Christopher is one such individual; so is my mother.

The thing about people infected with this "surprise resistant" disorder is they are always aware of it and not ashamed to come right out and tell you about their little "problem". I think it frustrates those who are infected with the disorder even more than those who can't ever surprise them. Luckily, there are worse things in life than not being able to be surprised. However, for those of us who try to surprise the "unsurprisable", it can be slightly frustrating, but what can ya do?

Wednesday night Chris's sister Ashley had planned to have a birthday dinner for Chris with his family and friends, with me as the surprise guest. Too bad Chris saw her facebook while he was babysitting the kids and saw that she had invited a bunch of people. That's the thing about not being able to surprise some people, they don't even try to find out the surprise, and yet somehow it happens. It is definitely not a win-win situation. I did try to throw Chris off by telling him I was going to the Aggie basketball game Wednesday night; it worked for a bit but the day of he figured it out...dang it!

Despite the lack of surprise it was an awesome night. Red Robin was delicious, as always, and Chris and I each put back several strawberry lemonades. Jaeden was a little chatter box; he thought it was his party, not Chris's. Baby Connor cried when we said Jesus, causing an upheaval of laughter from all around and Chris teasing me about "Jesus class" AKA: institute.

The night wouldn't have been complete without the best present of all, no not money, not gift cards, not awesome Disney popcorn bowls that came in a ridiculously large box while everyone else gave cards (obviously someone didn't get the memo), but a pink party blower, compliments of Gma---best present of the night hands down. So much fun; and no, we are not five years old. Chris taunted me with the blower the entire evening, but I was victorious in the end. Oh and I can't forget "the raptor". All I can say is that's just something you have to experience for yourself in real life, there really are no words.

At the close of the evening, after all the french fries had been consumed and paper balls thrown, Chris and I took our time bidding farewell due to the homework calling Chris's name. Next time he'll listen to Nick!

And one of these days, Chris will be SURPRISED! I don't know how but I'm gonna make it happen! Just watch me Christopher....

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