Four Christmases

Contrary to popular opinion, I thoroughly enjoyed my viewing of the movie Four Christmases. The opening scene is hilarious! Overall, the plot is not extremely stimulating, but the individual characters and situations keep you watching and laughing. I will admit that you have to like a certain type of humor to like this movie, but it totally fits my family's sense of humor. Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon star as an unmarried, trendy couple who always avoid seeing their families on the holidays by "traveling for charity". In reality, their "travels to do charity work" are really exotic vacations. When weather cancels their flight they are forced to visit all of their divorced parents...aka: Four Christmases.

EE's and my favorite scene is when Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughan go to visit his mom and the entire family plays taboo. The trashy UFC-wannabe brother and his pregnant, boob-popping wife make the scene. We frequently quoted the hysterical lines while I was home. Another favorite was the opening scene...pretty damn funny if you ask me. One reason the movie is funny is because you get to watch a lot of uncomfortable family dynamics unfold, rather than experiencing them yourself. It's so much more fun to laugh at someone else than deal with your own crap.

While Four Christmases may not be a holiday classic, it was thoroughly entertaining.

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