We all have secrets...

We each have pieces missing in our lives. Needs that aren’t met, things we didn’t learn, and experiences we can’t relate to. We are all wounded. In our own individual ways we have had our hearts and souls crushed at some point in our lives. We all have secrets; how else would post secret be such a success?

Why is it so hard to be completely honest with each other? Maybe it’s because we all can’t figure out what the hell we want or need. Plus, it's not socially acceptable to just lay everything out on the table, straight up. To some extent we each have to play the game, but in other ways we just need to be more honest--with ourselves and each other. I say this, but I am no expert. It's hard for me to do too.

Some have been wounded by rejection or disappoint, so they put up walls to keep from getting hurt again. We don’t give each other enough of a chance. Too often we run away from what may actually be the best thing for us. Others have someone, but it’s not enough. They are with them for all the wrong reasons, but still try to make things work because it’s safe, it’s what they know. And let’s face it, it’s scary to fall when we there isn’t anything to fall back on. It’s a dark abyss that waits and you can’t see ahead, forward, or behind…but eventually you reach a point where you have to step into the possible pain and let go of the rope you are holding on to so tightly.

We don’t like to show people who we really are. Maybe our real selves are too fragile. Protection is part of survival. But the thing is, we all want the same thing. Ultimately, each of us wants to be with someone who wants us completely and to love that someone completely in return. So why is it so hard to find? Why is it so hard for each of us to say what we really feel and do what we really want to do?

Maybe if we each could let go of some of our secret hurts and bruises, love wouldn't be so hard to find.


jjfid said...

So well written Rissy. So True!
Thanks for sharing your heart and your feelings. It gives me a voice for many of the things that I think and feel too! Mutual love and desire will come to you and it will be so worth the wait!

I love you! Auntie

Kendall Laws said...

Honesty isn't widely accepted. I am honest with people and either get the "you jerk!" or the "you liar" routine.... honesty doesnt pay in this day and age