Quantum of Solace

Last Saturday, Nov. 8th, I went with Amy, Sarah, and Kyleigh to see the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. I loved Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and was really excited to see him as Bond once again. However, I was a little disappointed by the film.

The story line didn't grip me the way Casion Royale did, and there was definitely not the same passion and chemistry with the new bond girl. What I like about Daniel Craig as Bond is that he isn't just a tough, sex-obsessed secret agent. Craig's Bond shows an emotional side, revealing the man behind the facade.

Casino Royale was a particularly powerful story because of Bond's relationship with Vesper and the whole concept of gambling. Vesper and Bond's relationship helped explain why Bond is the way that he is, when it comes to women and how he fights. Quantum of Solace was interesting, and definitely had a creepy villian, but it lacked the depth and spectacle Casino Royale portrayed. I'm not sure if Bond got the revenge he was looking for.

Regardless of the storyline, Craig is one fine looking Bond.

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krista said...

Ya I agree with you on the James Bond movie. I was also a little disappointed by it.
Bond went on a killing spree like every 15 minutes in the movie. Yuck!