Basketball, Wingers, & Die Hard

Aggie Basketball is finally here! Last night, Sarah, Cassie, and I went to the basketball game with Kyle and Jeff. We played Montana State and won easily by twenty+ points. Only a few games into the season, the team is still trying to find its comfort zone and how to play with each other. Coach Stew Morrill seems to be playing a lot of guys right now, trying to find the best combinaiton of five. Our star, Jaycee Caroll is gone, but we have some veterans and promising prospects.

My favorite player is #44 Matt Formisano. Sarah and I like to say his last name in an Italian accent. He is incredibly tall, dark, and handsome...such a pleasure to watch on the court:-) I always get excited when he goes in!

After the game, we all headed to Wingers for sticky fingers and asphalt pie...yummy!!! We hung out for awhile while we ate our food, swapping jokes and talking about the game. Then we headed back to our apartment and watched the last movie of the Die Hard series, Live Free or Die Hard. I'd never seen Die Hard before. It was pretty sweet (even though I fell asleep at the was 1:30am)

Click Here for the write-up of the game.

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