Ok, I fixed my blog so now everyone can leave comments:-)


jjfid said...

Hello My Little Rissy Roo! :-) :-) :-) <3 <3 <3
I Loved your derby piece! You are a wonderful writer and I laughed out loud at your descriptions of the smash em up experience! I read it to Papa and He laughed too! I still am a derby virgin! I was going to go this summer but missed it! Next year for sure! Your descriptions peaked my interest!

I had a great day at church today! Papa went again! 6th time in a row!!! and we got a new Bishop! It was wonderful! Lets catch up soon! xoxoxoxo Love you Clarissa xoxoxoxoxoxo
Your Auntie

jjfid said...

Oh.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your about you piece! Makes me smile every time I read it! xoxoxo love you! A