Back in Logan

Well, I am back in Logan, ready to start my junior year at USU!! I am so excited to be back!

I have completed all but one of my general education requirements.

This semester I will be taking:

  • Document Design & Graphics
  • Reading Theory for Writers
  • Elements of Grammar
  • Managing Organizations & People (my first class for my HR minor)
  • Fiction Writing

I will be working in the Writing Center in the English Dept., helping students write various types of papers. I will also be continuing my work for the USU Alumni Association as an Enewsletter writer.

Brooklane Apts will be my home for @ least the next two semesters. I have three lovely roommates: Amy, Melissa, and Sarah. Amy and Mel were my roommates last year in Brentwood. We each have our own room this year!! Yipee! I can't wait to be in our apt.

Saturday is move in day!

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